Saturday 19 March 2011

MANDALA has opened a shop on the marketplace

Almost all items that have been released are available at the shop.
Please use them as gifts, etc.

いまさらってかんじですがっ MANDALAはマーケットプレイスに出店しましたっ

A special items have been introduced as commemorative goods.
These four jewelries are available at half price at the marketplace for a week from today. (They are sold at the regular
price at in-world.)
They will return to the original price after the period. plz do not miss it@@.
These are the items that received many requests, the jewelry sets that go well with dresses.
リクエストに応じて ドレスに似合うタイプをつくりましたっ
これらのアイテムはMANDALA MARKET PLACE店にて3月23日までは半額以下でゲットできます
(インワールドですと 通常価格でございます)

 MILKY WAY necklace and earrings 397L$→197L$

 MILKY WAY BRACLET set 347L$→167L$

 MILKY WAY bangles(8types included:)377L$→177L$

 MILKY WAY nails and ring.297L$→97L$ @@!

fully Sculpted.original map and texture.
The color is[ white only], but I would make other colors when in the mood later.
全部色は白のみとなってますがっ 気がむいたら ほかの色もつくるかもしれません


Also I created big hoop earrings
These are also available at half price at the market place for a week from today.
あ それから でかい フープピアスも作りましたっ
2サイズ入りでございます こつらも半額でゲットしてくだしあ

Senjyu Hoop Earring (each color 247L$→127L$)

I will be very happy if you like them.

market place

in world store

Kikunosuke Eel